Glossary of Internet Terms for your convenience.

 (More added as the terms come up in my  blog)

Bandwidth – the amount of data that runs through an internet connection

DNS – Domain Name Server. A DNS translates domain names into their corresponding IP address, which is a long string of numbers.

Domain Name – title and address of your website

DSL – Digital Subscriber Line

Internet – global interconnection of computer networks

IP address – internet Protocol (a long string of numbers)

ISP – Internet Service provider (a company that offers internet access. Users dial up via a modem, DSL or cable connection and then move through web pages with their browser)

SEO – stands for “Search Engine Optimization” or that specific things have been done to encourage the web ‘spiders’ to recognize your website and display it when someone types a word in the search box of their browser.

URL – Uniform Resource Locator. It is a unique identifier for your web address. Your  URL contains your domain name. For example

Web Host – a company that uses servers to connect domain names to internet protocol numbers (IP addresses). This enables your domain name to be called up in internet search

Webmaster – name for the person who is responsible for managing your website. Their job is to  keep everything  working smoothly by troubleshooting and by acting as a liason with your IT department. They also keep track of transactions logs, keep an inventory of your ads, and review the statistics and monthly analytics of visitors to your site.  If you are a small business owner there is probably no need for you to hire a webmaster when a simple maintenance contract with your web designer will probably suffice.

WWW – World Wide Web – a way to navigate the massive internet network ( developed  by Tim Berners-Lee)