Anyone who has a small business or a business out of their home needs to be on the internet. There are still a few people who search the old yellow pages of their telephone book to find a company or product but not many. Increasingly, they find what they are looking for by typing a word in the search box of their computer or smart phone.  It may still be viable to pay for ads in the local paper but that is expensive and reaches a limited audience. Small business owners can’t afford to pay for big newspaper, magazine, radio or television ads. It makes more sence to use their limited budget on a website and to list on well-chosen directories to reach their target audience.

How do you go about getting a website? If you don’t know much about computers, even setting up a free blog like this one can be daunting. My new company, Sandstone Studios Web Solutions, is set up to walk you through the confusion and get you started with a customized and affordable website.

I will be blogging about the process for the benefit of “first timers” who don’t know all the lingo or even how the internet works.  My next post will explain how the world wide web works and answer some questions like “What is a domain name?” and “What do you mean by a Hosting Company?”

See you then! – Olwen